Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

A Whirl

It was an interesting day yesterday.

Things got going about 3pm as I popped off to take my Mac OSX 10.2 cert exam. I tell you, I was sweating bullets taking this test. I knew I was around the 70% level, and wasn't sure I'd hit the 75% that I needed. Well, it turns out that I needed 72% to pass and I got a 75%. Yes, I am not MAC CERTIFIED. Whohoo.

The testing center itself was filled with kids, all playing games. It seems the computer lab was an impromptu daycare facility, too. I kinda liked that. To make it cuter, they were all chinese kids, who are just adorable.

I popped off to Best Buy to pick up a center stereo speaker for the surround system. I had my purchas in hand, and in line, had just paid and seen the receipt pop out, when the power went out. Dead. Nothing. Five seconds later, and I would not have been able to walk out of the building with my receipt. Feeling again like I came in just under the wire, I walked out glad that I had.

I hauled crap out to the dump. I thought about the difference between "I have to do this," and "What action can I take here?" One is opressive, while the other is empowering. This is definitely a good self-talk question. Must think on this more.

I spent the evening on Star Wars Galaxies. I didn't feel like sleeping. As it turned out, about 1am, the Aussies on the server were dinosaur baiting. (I forget what the creatures are really called.) They would get a REALLY BIG creature to chase somebody into town, then 30 or so players would take 3-4 minutes to shoot it down. When I said they were big, I wasn't kidding you! The place was a battlefield. Corpses of players littered the streets. The medic station was jammed packed. I had a whopping great time shooting dinosaurs until I got too tired. After that, I was still too awake from the adrenelin. Yeah!

Once again, SWG is proving that YOU put the content into your game. If the game designers don't set it up for you, you can find more yourself. I really admire the designer's strategy. They put in creatures that no single player, or even small group of players, could put down. The only way to do it was cooperation. In this case, is was spontaneous cooperation.

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