Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Out and About

Finally tore out the final sections of wallboard this morning. Good. Now they have to go to the dump. Gotta rouse myself out of bed tomorrow. Really. I swear that i won't be playing star wars until 3am.

Jen's off to her mom's. It's her birthday. If I hadn't had so much stuff build up from last weekend, I'd be okay with going to New Jersey. As it stands, I have much work to do. And Star Wars. Oh yea. Must play.

It's interesting watching the game get going. Since everything is player driven, it's interesting to watch all the craftsmen and products slowly come on-line. Valcyn is a new server, so it's not completely crowded yet. Just learning what something is worth is a challenge. On a few instances, I bought bargains that I did not like, then sold them at a substantial profit. It's a funny game!

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