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Pissing Matches

At work today, I reinstalled a PC for an admin worker. I gave her the standard setup. This led to her getting very snippy. She wanted administrative rights to her box. She'd had them for the last fifteen years.

Hello? Honey? No one else has this access for your position. Get over it. She won't, though. She will scream until someone listens. She's a spoiled brat that way. The world hates her and is ganging up on her.

I was very unprofessional. I sniped back. She deserved it. She's one of those users who can't do her work if she can't change icons. :P Stupid b*****. (Excuse my language.)

So there you go, you get to see a little of my dark side today. I can not remember the last time I got into this kind of fight with a user. Never, really.

Maybe I just need a good sleep.

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