Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Sentient Computers

I just saw an article on sentient computers, how they are coming to us, and how they are going to become ubiquitous.

I have two things to say about this:
- Remember talking Coke machines? (hint: flop)
- Remember the internet? (hint: fad)

I can see systems turning on lights for you in your business. At home, they will keep turning on the wrong lights with the wrong mood, assuming that your house is even wired for such a thing.

Likewise, I understand the utility of computer controlled environemnts, like my thermostat. Having an environemtn change when someone enters the room is good for businesses, so that they can control costs. However, there will always be someone who thinks it's too hot or too cold and changes the thermostat.

I can see self-adjusting cars. I do not forsee self-adjusting Hyundi's.

I put this in the same category as robot vaccuums. Very nice, you say, but who's going to do the steps? Who's going to clean up the toys before you vacuum? Who's going to dust?

And let's assume that people do get themselves robots. Who's going to pay for the repair man? Can you get last year's parts? Case mods, anyone? How about upgrading your robot's memory? Can it also act as your Kazaa server? How many movies can you store on it? What does the wife stap on it when you're not home?

I find robots to be like computer generated characters. They are all well and nice, but if you want something affordable, just go with real people.

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