Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


The birthday went well. Jen bought a Carvel ice cream cake for me. That was cool. The only thing cooler, which would have send the birthday over the top, was if I had gotten the whale ice cream cake.

Carvel ice cream cakes are a fond childhood memory. We had those on birthday. They are a layer of chocolate, a layer of oreo, and a layer of vanilla. Good stuff. The blue decorative icing leaves you with a blue tongue. This is also good.

Jen was also very good to me and gave me "Kiss Me Kate", although I know that she just wants to see men in tights. When confronted with this face, she made no effort to deny this.

My parents suggested calling the insurance company about my basement. Genuis that I am, this had completely passed me as an idea. Wow. I might get money out of this.

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